eCommerce Analytics Toolkit

Track & Measure Everything That Matters With These 50+ Analytics Tools

No KPI Left Behind With Our Complete Toolkit!

We’ve discovered and tested the best analytics tools to help you track, measure and optimize every key performance indicator that matters and added some hidden gems we’ve came across.

  • 50+ eCommerce & Digital Marketing Analytics Tools
  • Reporting Tools, Interactive Dashboards & Many More

Actionable insights, not just data

It would have been much easier to just publish a bulleted list of 40-50 tools that “do analytics” to get a couple mails, but we actually put together a comprehensive & thoroughly documented toolkit that will help you do more than just collect data and pretty graphs.

We’ve thought reviewed the best analytics tools that will:

  1. Help you track & measure the right KPIs
  2. Offer valuable & actionable insights, not just data
  3. Reduce time spent analyzing data & creating reports
  4. Optimize & increase the ROI of your marketing activities

Take a leap forward and discover all the data & insights that can help transform your online business.

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What kind of tools are in the toolkit?

We’ve gathered & tested more than enough tools that can help you measure, track & improve all the important KPIs and we’ve expanded our focus on newer trends such as predictive analytics, customer & user experience oriented analytics and so on. Our recommendations keep in mind both bootstrapped online stores & larger enterprises with more consistent budgets.

  • 1. Analytics Platforms
  • 2. Customer Analytics
  • 3. UX Oriented Analytics Tools
  • 4. CRO Oriented Analytics Tools
  • 5. Analytics Integration & Tag Management
  • 6. Social Media Analytics
  • 7. Email Marketing Analytics
  • 8. Advertising Analytics
  • 9. Essential Reports
  • 10. Interactive Dashboards

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