Starting Kommerzen: V0.1

//Starting Kommerzen: V0.1

Starting Kommerzen: V0.1

Nice to meet you!

Hello there! I’m George, the managing partner of Kommerzio, the Integrated Digital Marketing agency behind KommerZen. There are so many things I’d like to talk about in this first post, but I’d like to just get past this and start publishing content that’s actually useful.

One problem that convinced me to start this project is that there is a perception that eCommerce marketers & managers have it easier with all the technical advancements. Well, not so much actually. We’re faced with many problems and a plethora of solutions that work more or less as advertised, eat up a lot of time and rarely prove their R.O.I before locking us in. Int he same time, management puts a lot of pressure to continually optimize, drive up conversion rates, improve campaign performance and drive down costs etc. I would have expected things to become easier, to be honest.

If one’s wish is to start or grow an eCommerce business, with all the options he’s provided, it’s very easy to make the wrong choices, be they in technology, design or even business model and ultimately fail. I’m saying this because I’ve been on both sides of table…having owned and worked for eCommerce businesses, having failed one business (an online art & gifts store) and bringing one to the top (I’ve built Romania’s biggest jewelry web store with a great team), having worked in marketing, development and management throughout the years, I came to realize how big of an impact even the smallest details can have in the long run.

So, why are we building KommerZen?

Let’s look a little bit on the current state of eCommerce knowledge widely available online. The plethora of so-called eCommerce specialists that are publishing content that is based on nothing more than educated guesses and other articles they’ve read around the web makes it even harder to find quality information on how to build, market and manage an eCommerce business.

Plus, most of some rather important search results are dominated by results with content tailor made for affiliate profits, not exactly unbiased information. And don’t get me started on most marketing, development and design agencies that are more than biased and will always tell you that “X, Y, Z is the most important factor for your success”. I’ve been around far too long to just say “Yes, you might be right / Well, it depends…”.

There’s too much bias. And I’m happy to (try and) change that.

How will KommerZen help?

We’re going to keep this blog updated with lots of useful content related to eCommerce technology, marketing and management and hopefully create a vibrant eCommerce community.

I promise you’ll find fresh content weekly, such as:

  • Best practices lists, ranging from usability to customer support
  • eCommerce campaigns case studies
  • CRO guides and case studies
  • eCommerce design showcases
  • New technologies and tools
  • Freebies from partners

Wish us godspeed!

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About the Author:

Open minded marketer and eCommerce strategist / consultant, focused on creating integrated digital marketing campaigns that actually drive sales. Currently building Kommerzen - The eCommerce Resource Hub. and doing cool stuff @ Mannequin Mall as Director of eCommerce.