Why Write on KommerZen

It’s quite straightforward: we can help you expand your reach to valuable audiences that include digital marketing professionals, eCommerce business owners, eCommerce developers, marketers and designers. KommerZen has a clear strategy in mind to become a vibrant eCommerce community and we hope that you’ll participate in building it.

Audience & Traffic Data

Although KommerZen is a new eCommerce focused blog, we always manage to attract a decent amount of relevant traffic for each content piece. If you’re set on writing a quality guest post for KommerZen and you’re concerned about traffic, just get in touch and request specific traffic data. At the moment we have decided not to post it publicly.

How We Promote Guest Posts

While many websites allow you to guest post, they rarely go above and beyond to promote your content. We believe that as long as we’ve accepted a guest post, it’s our duty to make sure we maximize its exposure. So, how will we promote your content?

Accepted Content Topics

Feel free to approach any topic, as long as it’s relevant to the eCommerce industry. To name a few topics that are relevant on KommerZen:

  1. eCommerce Marketing (including SMM, SEO, CRO, Content & Email Marketing etc.)
  2. eCommerce Software & Development
  3. eCommerce Design (including trends)
  4. eCommerce Management

If there is a topic relevant to eCommerce that you would like to cover continuously, we’re open to creating new “columns” with you in front – of course, we’ll work together on providing some other benefits as well.

Content Types & Requirements

How to Submit Content

We’re currently working on some new website features that will allow you to easily register and submit your content for review. In the meantime, simply get in touch with George Teiosanu at george

[at] kommerzen.com.