Why Advertise on KommerZen

It’s quite straightforward: we can help you expand your reach to valuable audiences that include digital marketing professionals, eCommerce business owners, eCommerce developers, marketers and designers.

Audience & Traffic Data

Although KommerZen is a new eCommerce focused blog, we always manage to attract a decent amount of relevant traffic for each content piece. If you’re set on writing a quality guest post for KommerZen and you’re concerned about traffic, just get in touch and request specific traffic data. At the moment we have decided not to post it publicly.

Advertising Options

Our advertising options include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom Native Advertising Campaigns
  • Sponsored Posts (Advertorials)
  • Guide Sponsorship
  • Newsletter Inserts

For specific information on each advertising option, please contact us.

Get Started

While we plan on integrating with BuySellAds.com and other services to simplify advertising on KommerZen in the following months, for the moment all advertising inquiries and requests must be sent to office

[at] kommerzen.com or through the contact page.