A Complete List Building Guide

Including Specific eCommerce Tactics

Let’s cut to the chase: you want more subscribers and solutions to ensure constant growth, not just spikes. Not only that, you want qualified subscribers that are engaged and add to your business’ bottom line. Alright! Let’s talk about how we’re going to do that.

The Epic Email List Building Guide

In this guide I’ll cover everything you need to know in a detailed manner – from concepts to actionable tactics, real life examples and useful tools to go from a trickle of subscribers to a constant stream of new subscribers that will afterwards turn your email marketing into a true sales engine.

I should tell you that this is not an “unleash the force of list building and build a huge list with these incredible strategies” type of guide that tells you to share your content on social media (wow, Facebook Marketing!) or a tidy list of quick wins you can apply just for the sake of small improvements. It’s a comprehensive guide that will require a moderate amount of time and energy to implement.

But it’s worth it. After going through this series, you will be able to:

  • Devise a list building strategy that you can actually implement
  • Apply the most effective tactics for your business
  • Optimize each part of the list building process

Last but not least, I’ve rarely seen list building guides or tips focused on eCommerce, so I’ve taken that into consideration throughout the guide and added specific tactics & advice for online stores.

Warning: this can be considered a huge guide (and it’s still work in progress), so it’s not something you can finish in your lunch break. I’d advise you to bookmark or to subscribe so you won’t lose out on the other articles that will be published under the series (I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s part of something even bigger).

Table of Contents:

#1: 68+ List Building Tactics, Ideas and Tips

A 13.500 word guide, structured in 12 parts that cover almost all effective list building tactics, coupled with actionable tips, curated links and personal experiences (wins and fails) that can prove useful for your list building efforts.

Check out all the tactics

#2: The List Building Checklist: 123 Actionable Points

Based on the previous guide and structured in 8 small chapters, this checklist can be an useful tool to keep you on track with your list building efforts

Get the list building checklist

#3: 10 List Building Strategies That Work

From a passive growth approach coupled with conversion rate optimization to potentially viral & aggressive strategies, I’ve summed up most of the effective combinations of tactics intro 7 strategies you can apply for your online business.

Bonus included: A handy infographic version

Will be published soon!

#4: The List Building Toolkit: 80+ Tools

So, you’re pretty much set on starting to grow your list in a big way. You’ve chosen your approach and have a good idea about the strategy that fits your company, nailed down the tactics you’re going to use. But you’ve got a lot on your hands: building landing pages, setting up mobile forms, integrating smart popups, testing etc. So let’s get the best tools for the job.

I guarantee you’ll save time, money and expand your tactics with this awesome toolkit.

Bonus included: The perfect combination of tools

Get the list building toolkit

#5: The Form Testing & Optimization Toolkit

Unfortunately, form testing & optimization is one of the most critical steps in building your list that’s usually overlooked due to the technicality of the process. But that doesn’t mean you can do it yourself with this awesome toolkit and the guidelines included.

Bonus included: testing & optimization checklist

Will be published soon!

#6-18: It’s a Surprise

I told myself I will build one of the best (and the most extensive) list building guides that doesn’t cover only content sites or blogs, but includes eCommerce and even SaaS businesses. While it’s going to take at least a couple of months to complete everything (in the end, current clients are the #1 priority), I’ll do my best to deliver the rest of the chapters in a timely manner. That way, you can implement as I write.

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