eCommerce Audit by KommerZen

Are you happy with your current online sales?

Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, you know there’s always room for improvement.

As part of our consulting services, we’ve devised one of the most thorough audits on the market (over 1.000 factors to be specific). We analyze all the factors and put all the bits and pieces of information together to bring you cost-effective, conversion oriented recommendations that you can start implementing the next day.

So, what can a complete eCommerce audit do for your business?

Audit Coverage

Since the term “audit” is constantly being used to refer to anything that resembles a best practices checklist lately, we feel it’s important to mention the broad areas and channels that our eCommerce audit covers and some other particularities that make it valuable to your business.

Marketing Channels

Although we audit channels individually, we do so in an integrated manner, taking into account dependencies and cross-channel best practices.

  • Complete Strategy Audit
  • Content Marketing Audit
  • [OnSite] SEO Audit
  • [OffSite] SEO Audit
  • Social Media Audit
  • Email Marketing Audit
  • PPC / Affiliate Audit
  • Online Merchandising Audit

Conversion & Analytics

Conversion rate optimization is a never ending journey for any business selling online and we strive to find as many quick wins as possible.

  • Conversion Benchmarking & Audit
  • Analytics & Tracking Audit
  • User Experience Audit

Platform & Integration

  • General Platform Audit
  • OmniChannel Experience Audit
  • General Usability Audit
  • 3rd Party Integration Audit

While these are simply areas & channels covered by the audit, the final audit report includes valuable tools such as a growth opportunity map, prioritized recommendations (based on your budget, goals, strategy etc.), strategy alignment recommendations and many more.

Transparent & Straightforward Auditing Process

Our approach is rather straightforward and ensures that in the course of one month you have a comprehensive report and actionable recommendations you can start implementing the next day. Afterwards, if requested, we will offer implementation support and extra guidelines to make sure you make the most out of our audit.

eCommerce Audit Process

Audit Tiers & Pricing

There’s rarely a one-size-fits-all approach to auditing eCommerce businesses, so we’ve developed tiers for our audits to make them cost effective and ensure they cover the needs of both small and large enterprises.


  • Built for new stores that want to build a strong foundation in their first year(s)
  • Conversion Audit
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Growth Opportunity Mapping
  • General Online Marketing Audit
  • Implementation support: 2 meetings

SME Optimize

  • Recommended for established stores that want to optimize and plan future expansion
  • Conversion Audit
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Growth Opportunity Mapping
  • Complete SEO Audit
  • Email & Content Marketing Audit
  • Social Media Marketing Audit
  • Implementation support: 3 meetings

SME Expand

  • Built for established stores that want to optimize, grow & expand their customer base
  • Conversion Audit
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Growth Opportunity Mapping
  • Complete SEO Audit
  • Email & Content Marketing Audit
  • Social Media Marketing Audit
  • Platform & Apps Integration Audit
  • Digital Strategy Audit
  • Implementation support: 4 meetings


  • The complete solution for online retailers that need to keep every aspect in check
  • Conversion Audit
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Growth Opportunity Mapping
  • Complete SEO Audit
  • Email & Content Marketing Audit
  • Social Media Marketing Audit
  • Platform & Apps Integration Audit
  • Digital Strategy Audit
  • OmniChannel Experience Audit
  • Prioritized Recommendations & Strategy Integration
  • Implementation support: 6 meetings

“But…aren’t audits usually free?”

Yes and no. There are many agencies/freelancers that offer you a “free audit”, which is basically a 30-40 point (best case scenario) checklist you can figure out by yourself. Do yourself a favour and use those 10 minutes filling out forms to read our blog instead.

That being said, we won’t offer a “freemium” audit version just to get your mail in hopes of selling you other services.

What We Guarantee

Need More Than An Audit?

We provide consultancy services focused on helping your business scale and reach the next level. Our experience coupled with our hands-on approach guarantees a positive return on investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Audits are performed by George Teiosanu, a digital marketing & eCommerce consultant. Enterprise audits may be done in collaboration with other experts. You can find out more on the consultancy page.
From the moment when all required access & data is shared, the full audit & recommendations will be delivered within 2 to 4 weeks. Due to cases where several calls may be required to ensure our recommendations can actually be implemented, we usually set a 30 day deadline. Enterprise audits may take more depending on the complexity of the retailer’s operation.
In order to perform a complete audit, gather insights and provide useful recommendations, we need access to all existing data such as sales data, traffic data etc. If we notice in the first steps of the audit that there is not a sufficient amount of data (ex.: Analytics was not integrated), we usually pause the audit for a month at least, in order to have data to work on. Regarding privacy / confidential information concerns – a non-disclosure agreement can be signed without any issues from us.
On a certain level, all audits are customized, but in cases where you require an audit of several other channels / areas that are not covered by our standard tiers, we can create a custom audit. These cases may fall under a consulting retainer. For consulting services, find out more here.
Depending on the audit tier, a certain number of consulting & review meetings / calls will be included in the price. The calls will be limited to 2 hours – in cases where might have more complex issues, we’ll devote more time to ensure you finish implementing audit recommendations.
The only condition for a refund is proving there wasn’t a positive return on investment in the first 3 months after implementing audit recommendations.
Yes, all data shared with us is completely confidential. If you have any concerns regarding this, signing a non-disclosure agreement is possible.
We will email you an invoice and after its payment is confirmed, we will agree on a time and date for an introductory call in which we can discuss a timeline, objectives, data to be shared etc.
The only changes to your website that may be required in order to perform the audit may consist of small changes to tracking code, adding other tracking services etc. – only things that do not impact user experience and the functionality of your website.
Yes – as part of a different contract, negotiated depending on your needs and priorities. In cases where it is not cost effective for us to implement certain recommendations, we can either recommend companies / consultants we work with or find other trustworthy providers.