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I’m George Blitzer and I’m an eCommerce entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant, managing a small team behind KommerZen and Zen Merchandiser.

As a full stack marketer, my main focus is generating growth. I get involved in research, design, development and content creation whenever required in order to validate ideas, channels & strategies that will bring your business the early stage growth it needs to build the right team and scale.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, I know the struggles and challenges that come with scaling an online business. The truth is that most online & eCommerce businesses simply can’t afford a full digital marketing team and/or considerable advertising budgets. That’s why working with a full stack marketer with in-depth eCommerce experience is your best option if you’re not working with multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

All my clients benefit from:

Fully Managed Implementation

As a business owner, digital marketing is just one of the priorities on your radar and my approach ensures that it’s as hands-off as possible, while keeping you in the loop and providing you with the information and tools required to prioritize initiatives effectively.

Retainer Based Services & Pricing

Most of my engagements have lasted multiple years and the consulting / implementation retainer system has been the best fit in most cases. It’s cost-effective and predictable for my clients and it allows me to dedicate more time towards keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing and eCommerce, instead of chasing one-time projects.

Why so cheap? Simply put, I’m currently operating from Eastern Europe, so I’m willing to sacrifice some short term revenue in order so that I can build multiple teams for my clients. Plus, there’s a lot of synergy between projects. Works out great for everyone.


$1800/ Month
  • 30 Hours / Month
  • Onsite SEO
  • Basic Marketing Audits
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Basic Content Creation
  • Basic Customer Acquisition
  • Landing Page Creation


$3600/ Month
  • 60 Hours / Month
  • Onsite SEO
  • Full Marketing Audits
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Advanced Content Creation
  • Advanced Customer Acquisition
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Platform Creation


$6000/ Month
  • 120 Hours / Month
  • Full Service SEO
  • Full Marketing Audits
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Advanced Content Creation
  • Advanced Customer Acquisition
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Platform Creation
  • Strategy Consulting

Frequent Questions

What does strategy consulting cover?2020-03-08T00:25:57+00:00

Digital strategy consulting is combined with advanced auditing in order to provide you with a clear path to growth, a clear selection of channels to focus on and how to best leverage them to achieve your goals. From keyword research to digging through existing analytics data, every useful data point will be parsed to create a tailored strategy.

What does conversion rate optimization cover?2020-03-08T02:03:39+00:00

This service covers the constant monitoring of your website’s conversion rate and working to constantly improve it through auditing and implementing audit recommendations, be they related to design, development, information architecture, user experience, pricing etc.

What does landing page creation cover?2020-03-08T00:27:48+00:00

Landing page creation is based on the platform your website runs on (WordPress / WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify etc.) and it covers all tasks required to generate SEO-friendly, conversion-oriented landing pages: wireframing & layout work, basic development services, basic design services (centered around your brand identity) and content writing services.

What does platform creation cover?2020-03-08T00:29:30+00:00

Platforms cover all complex web projects such as marketplaces, blog networks, content aggregators, user generated content platforms, social networks, forums etc. Based on the requirements, extra costs may be involved (licensing various scripts, server upgrades etc.).

Basic vs. Advanced Customer Acquisition2020-03-08T00:43:03+00:00

Basic customer acquisition services focus on specific channels and tactics, such as search, email, affiliate paid advertising (social / search) etc. without a cross-channel consideration.

Advanced customer acquisition involves more work on analyzing customer journeys and purchase paths to bring you more advanced campaigns that consider multiple channels, touch point optimization and how your customers can be guided through the funnel.

Basic vs. Advanced Content Creation2020-03-08T00:39:15+00:00

Basic content creation covers such content items such as posts, articles, listicles, landing page content, service pages content, product & category descriptions, meta descriptions and other straightforward, focused content items.

Advanced content creation adds an extra layer of complexity plus research & information architecture work to bring everything together, blending in user generated content, content silos, complex items such as eBooks and much more.

Basic vs. Full Marketing Audits2020-03-08T00:51:39+00:00

Basic audits will usually cover surface level issues and are limited to 40-50 recommendations based on their focus (SEO, PPC, UX, CRO etc.).

Full audits are not limited and they can have anywhere up to 1000 recommendations for large websites depending on their focus.

Onsite vs. Full Service SEO2020-03-08T00:53:42+00:00

Onsite SEO is usually limited to services that can be performed on your site, ranging from content optimizations and speed optimizations to reworking existing information architecture to better fit with keyword research data.

Full service SEO covers the whole range of services required to rank your website higher in SERPS and it includes link building, outreach, content distribution, increasing social signals etc.

What’s not included in the retainer?2020-03-08T01:46:42+00:00

Access to paid SEO, UX, A/B testing etc. tools is not provided unless the subscriptions are paid for by the client. The costs of various licenses (i.e. 30 hours of dev work vs. a $50 script or 20 hours of design work vs. a $20 UI kit) are not included – while it’s a minor expense, you should expect such expenses occasionally.

What are the payment terms?2020-03-08T01:46:47+00:00

Considering the nature of the services provided and the competitive pricing, all retainer packages are paid in advance via PayPal, Payoneer or direct transfer.

Is there a minimal engagement / setup fee / cancellation fee?2020-03-08T02:02:16+00:00

No, absolutely none. No setup fee and you can cancel anytime you want. Most of my engagements have lasted 1 to 3 years, so I don’t feel the need to set any kind of contractual obligations.

How are priorities & tasks decided?2020-03-08T01:46:34+00:00

Project management is included and it’s usually done through Asana. In cases where the client has his own setup and wishes to use something else (anything from Monday to JIRA), that’s not a problem. In terms of identifying priorities, audits and recommendations are usually the first step towards creating a good old backlog of tasks we can then prioritize together in an agile fashion, depending on your priorities, needs and budget.

Are advertising management services included?2020-03-08T01:43:30+00:00

Advertising (PPC/PPM/PPA) management services are included in all retainer packages. Depending on the scope of the project, the volume of work and how we prioritize tasks, a full PPC audit may be required at first.

Are content writing services included?2020-03-08T01:43:41+00:00

Yes, anything ranging from product descriptions to landing page content, articles, post series, eBooks etc.

Are development services included?2020-03-08T01:43:46+00:00

Development services are included, but are limited to 20% of the total number of hours of the retainer package. Since these packages are designed to be highly competitive in terms of pricing, I do not want to spend all my time on development at the expense of the overall digital marketing strategy.

Are design services included?2020-03-08T01:43:52+00:00

Design services are included, but are limited to 20% of the total number of hours of the retainer package. Design services are limited to wireframing, layouts, graphic assets used in landing pages, elements centered around an existing visual identity and other elements meant to support the overarching digital marketing strategy. Branding services such as logo creation are not in the scope of the retainer package.

Let’s Talk About Your Business

How to Get in Touch:

Email: george [at] kommerzen [dot] com

Skype: “George Blitzer”

Livechat: click me to open

Free 1 Hour Strategy Discussion:

Get in touch, let me know what your business is beforehand and we’ll schedule a free one hour strategy discussion call. No strings attached.

    eCommerce & Digital Marketing Audits

    I’m honestly tired of the industry-standard 20-30 point audits various agencies through around for free as if you don’t already know the basic things you need to do. Most likely, you already know, but don’t have the time and mental bandwidth to approach them the right way.

    That’s why I build in-depth audits (even up to 1.000 points / factors analyzed per audit) which combine agile project management principles, scoring and practical recommendations, which allows the audit to become the foundation of our collaboration. All my audits are loss leaders, priced at $100. This way, you can get a sense of my work style and experience before jumping into a retainer agreement.

    Core Services

    Full stack digital marketing combined with agile digital marketing can be a transformative experience for your business, increasing its ability to grow, expand and conquer new markets and segments. That’s why I focus on the following key services:

    Current / Previous Projects

    For a complete list of projects, please get in touch. Due to the nature of some outsourcing contracts, I can’t publicly list all projects I’ve worked on in the last few years.

    Zen Merchandiser

    Zen Merchandiser

    Active Project / 2015 - Present

    Zen Merchandiser

    Strategic investment. Started from scratch, bootstrapped to the extreme, built everything myself, turned profitable after 12 months. Pushing towards ~100k monthly visitors by the end of the year.

    Project Example - Mannequin Mall

    Mannequin Mall

    Previous Project / 2016 - 2018

    Mannequin Mall

    Full stack digital marketing services, ranging from eCommerce platform migrations & redesigns to campaign management & search engine optimization. Grew from >$100K / year to $1MM+ / year during a 3 year engagement as marketing / eCommerce director.

    Project Example: KC HiLiTES

    KC HiLiTES

    Previous Project / 2016 - 2018

    KC HiLiTES

    Full stack digital marketing engagement, centered around analytics capabilities, campaign delivery capabilities, redesigns, conversion rate optimization, onsite SEO and much more.

    Speaking Engagements

    Public Speaking Engagement

    I’m nowhere near famous (working on it, though), but I’m available for various speaking engagement for any professional conference or event. All my talks / presentations are practically-oriented and focus on the following topics:

    • Digital Business Development
    • Full Stack Digital Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Agile Digital Marketing
    • Content Marketing

    Full Stack Marketing Training Services

    I believe that all digital marketing training should be custom-tailored to your business’ profile and the industry you activate in. I develop highly customized training programs that help marketing teams increase their efficiency and fill gaps in their digital capabilities.

    Training programs revolve around agile digital marketing, full stack capabilities and building synergy between various domains of expertise (design / development / content / strategy / analytics). Get in touch and we’ll discuss your needs.

    Digital Marketing Training Services

    The Digital Business Development Podcast

    My podcasts cover digital business models, digital marketing strategy and generally everything you need to know to build, grow and operate a successful online business. The podcast is very much work-in-progress and a new thing for me, so you can expect some rough edges, to say so.

    What’s Your Next Step?

      How to Get in Touch:

      Email: george [at] kommerzen [dot] com

      Skype: “George Blitzer”

      Livechat: click me to open

      Free 1 Hour Strategy Discussion:

      Get in touch, let me know what your business is beforehand and we’ll schedule a free one hour strategy discussion call. No strings attached.